Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Band Review: The Dirty Doors

For as long as I could say The Doors I have been obsessed with their music and legacy.  Furthermore, when I was exposed to live music I became enthralled by the energy it generates to fuel my wayward spirit.  And so today I am writing about an Atlanta-based band you NEED to know about.  Rather than go to The End, let's start at the beginning. 

Friday night I, with friends, headed over to The Family Dog to listen to a southeastern tribute band named The Dirty Doors

Before I begin my review I need to state that I'm pretty disciminating when it comes to music and, the lead singer's tight leather pants notwithstanding, I walked into the venue Friday night fully prepared to give an honest critique of their take on this most legendary band. 

They began the set with Hello, I Love You and ended hours later with Soul Kitchen.  That, and everything in between, was flawless.  Thankfully, they mixed in lesser known tracks with well-known songs to provide a healthy balance to please both the die-hards and the uninitiated.  I admit that when they broke into the intro for The Soft Parade, and also Wild Child and Not To Touch The Earth, I squealed with delight so loudly it quite possibly rose to the level of being a violation of some noise ordinances.

The lead singer, Reed Barrickman, exudes the charisma of Mr. Mojo Risin' himself, and that's not easy to do.  Barrickman is THAT good of a front man!  Not only does he have a great stage presence but has killer vocal chords as well.  As for his delivery of the songs he sang, he missed not a word, inflection, grunt or groan.. just as in original songs (this includes a spot-on cover of The Doors cover of Van Morrison's song Gloria from The Doors live album Alive, She Cried!).

But while most people focus on the lead singer I refuse to overlook the simple fact that even the best front man is nothing without a solid band behind him.  That was true for The Doors and it is also true for The Dirty Doors.  Behind Barrickman are Geoff Lewis (keyboard), Matt Boehnlein (guitar) and Rick Fenwick (drums).  These three guys deserve mad props for how effectively they brought The Doors fully back to life with their impeccable timing, stellar skills and perfect delivery . . . song after song after song.  Have a listen to just one of their many live performance videos found online:

Suffice it to say that I spent the entire night dancing and singing with wild abandon when I wasn't doing Patron shots.  The energy was electric and even people who had no idea who The Doors were (I know... who ARE these people?) were dancing in their bar seats and having a great time! 
For as long as I can remember The Doors music has been as close as this recovering Catholic girl has EVER gotten to having a true spiritual experience.  So the greatest compliment I can bestow upon The Dirty Doors is this: When I closed my eyes to focus on the music they played I could hear the echo of approval from the very band they pay tribute to. 
So go check these talented guys out on Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation, YouTube and their website  - then spread the word and make it a point to see this band live whenever and wherever you can.


  1. I'm also a HUGE Doors fan! In high school I had so many Jim Morrison posters on my wall while other girls had stupid pop boy bands. This band sounds wicked good!

  2. They say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world! I'm pretty sure you're my twin!